if you have ever cut your own skin, stuck a finger down your throat, burnt yourself, starved yourself, or thought of suicide, reblog this. i want to message each and every one of you. i will seriously do EVERY one.

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Hello World!:D: This is the story of a girl..


This is the story of a girl, who was always a little bit too skinny, but still what a pretty thing. But when you teased her, by calling her fat, she began to look in the mirror differently. All those pounds and flab she needed to lose. Put her feet on the scale revealed the truth of how small and…


Hi, my name is ______ and I am severely addicted to peanut butter.

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Open Fire: The recovery road


I don’t think you are ever ready for eating disorder recovery. When you are in relapse or experiencing an eating disorder for the first time, it has a hell of a lot of strength over you. Sometimes you think you’re the one in control but you never are, the ED is. It runs your life and the lives of…

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I have become a joke. A caricature of a person. My thighs have tripled in girth. My stomach hangs, like an obese animal. I look like a cartoon fat person. I’m developing a second chin. Hideous. Fat. Joke.
No more. No more. I’m done trying to enjoy summer. No more choking down pizza and ice cream with the family. I miss being cold. Being hungry. Being dizzy.

I wish I was normal. I wish I could be happy.


society doesn’t know what anorexia nervosa really is.

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